Precea Performance Tour

Tóth Gábor

  • Operation: Farmer
  • Place: Apácatorna (Hungary)
  • Machine: Precea 4500-2CC Super
  • Crops: Rape, sunflowers and sorghum

We replaced our previous seed drill with the Precea, because it allows us to sow faster and more precisely.

You can find this and all the other advantages of the Precea at a glance here.   

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Precise, intuitive and highly productive

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Product models

The Precea-A harrow-mounted precision seeder can be optionally combined with a rotary cultivator / rotary harrow or the CombiDisc compact disc harrow. Perfect seedbed preparation and sowing in one pass.

The telescopic Precea can be quickly prepared for driving in the field from the tractor cab without using tools after travelling on the road. Quick and flexible to use.

The folding linkage-mounted Precea with FTender front tank for optimum weight distribution. Maximum area coverage thanks to the large fertiliser hopper.